Kristin Poulin, LPC


I have been practicing in the field of counseling for 20 years. In addition to being a counselor, I have been the clinical director of a mental health agency. I currently work as the school counselor for The Williams School, provide supervision to LPC residents and own Little Feet Dance Studio. My diverse experience has allowed me to work with many diverse populations to include incarcerated juveniles, children at risk of hospitalization, children with pervasive developmental disorder, grief therapy and both children and adults battling depression and anxiety. I enjoy working with families to strengthen their bond with their children. I also have a passion for helping middle and high school students navigate their way through today’s pressures.

Client Expertise

  • Individual Counseling: Children, Adolescents and Teens-Depression, Anxiety, Oppositional-Defiant, ADHD, PDD (Mild Autism), Executive Function Issues, Grief and Loss
  • Adults: Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Abuse, Adjustment Disorder
  • Family Therapy: This includes families of adoption and foster care.

Techniques Offered

Expressive Arts Therapy

This therapy uses the tools of art, movement and role-playing as the driving force of treatment. People who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally see great results from this type of therapy. It provides a non threatening and creative outlet for clients to identify with their feelings. This therapy creates boundaries for overwhelming thoughts and clients are better able to gain control of their emotions through better self regulation.

Traditional Therapy

Person-Centered/Strength Based Approach, Solution Focused, Gestalt, Existential Counseling, Behavioral Therapy

Group Therapy

Teen Boost

This group is held in 10-12 week sessions. It focuses on helping middle and high school students deal with the pressures they now face in our society.

Today’s teens are experiencing the highest level of depression and anxiety in history. As a result, their self-esteem plummets, fear and insecurity sets in and their coping skills diminish. This group is exactly what it says it is. It is meant to boost their self esteem, develop coping skills necessary to deal with everyday life pressures, give self reflection about what is really important and to identify any underlying anxiety and depression that may need to be treated in individual therapy.

Resident Supervision

I have been providing residency supervision for LPC licensure for 6 years. I usually take on no more than 2 residents at a time. Having an off-site supervisor can be very beneficial if you think you may have more than one job during your residency.